You may be trying to decide if working with a staffing service is the solution for you. If you are an employer, there are many reasons to partner with a quality staffing service. Whether you need help during seasonal peaks, access to extra workers on an ongoing basis,  or trying to fill a fulltime position, we can give you flexible options and give you customizable support. Each employee goes through a screening process that includes a background check, drug screen, social security verification, and personal interview. You can also give us your orientation paperwork and we will go over that information with potential employees. We  can conduct skill assessment tests and integrity testing  for clerical positions. We provide safety glasses, ear plugs and other safety equipment as needed. Stewart Staffing takes the extra time to know each of our workers and their skills. That allows us to provide the best match for each position. We handle the payroll, any disciplinary action, ASA insurance, workers compensation, unemployment claims, child supports and leins. When you dont have to worry about these things, it releases you to work on other projects. We can help you build a work force that you can count on! Give us a try today!